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Submission of Posters and Oral Presentations



Deadline has ended.
• Deadline for payment for those who had their activity accepted: 08/30/2016

ATTENTION: before following the rules for submissions you MUST be registered in our system.
Note that payment is not mandatory right now. The deadline for payment for those who had their activity accepted is: 08/30/2016
Just remember: the sooner you pay, less it will cost you.

General rules

Abstracts must be in English.

Step by Step:
• Select your abstract topic according to main theme of your presentation. The list of topics can be found under the item TOPICS – below in this same text;
• The abstract title should have no more than 20 words;
• The abstract body should have no more than 250 words;
• Please indicate three keywords (MeSH terms only).

Oral Presentation and Poster Abstracts shall include three sections
• Introduction and Objective;
• Method;
• Results and Conclusions

• Disclaimer - Conflicts of interest:
All authors should declare their competing interests in the abstract submission platform, mentioning whether there was support from any organization for the submitted paper, financial relationships with any organizations that might have an interest in the submitted paper in the previous three years and/or relationships or activities that could appear to have influenced the submitted work.


Abstract evaluation criteria

Each abstract will be anonymously assessed by more than two reviewers, according to the following scoring grid:
- Contribution to the scientific aspects of the primary health care or family medicine discipline
- Contribution to the primary health care or family medicine practice
- Compliance with abstract submission guidelines
- Clear language.


Choose one; the scientific committee may suggest another topic.

          - Environment
          - Equity/Iniquity and Health Access
          - Ethical Issues
          - Gender Issues
          - Global issues, epidemic and pandemic diseases.
          - Health Policies & Management
          - Overdiagnosis and Overtreatment
          - Tobacco, alcohol and other drugs (Policies)
          - Health Education
          - Health Promotion
          - Immunization
          - Screening
          - Postgraduate teaching
          - Professional development
          - Research
          - Residency Programs
          - Undergraduate teaching
          - Coordination of care
          - Financial aspects
          - Primary care role
          - Quality
          - Remmuneration system
          - Access
          - Budget and administration
          - Community orientation
          - Comprehensiveness
          - Continuity
          - Cultural Competence
          - Family centeredness
          - Rural practice
          - Team cooperation
          - Clinical register, health record and classification
          - Communication skills
          - Domiciliary Care, Home Care, Palliative Care
          - Less prevalent health isseus in primary care
          - Most prevalent health issues in primary care
          - Physical examination, maneuvers and procedures in primary care
          - Special health issues in primary care: vulnerable populations, violence, etc.
          - Traditional and complementary Medicine

Formats for Poster and Oral Presentations

Oral Presentation and Poster Abstracts shall be in English and shall include three sections:
• Introduction and Objective;
• Method;
• Results and Conclusions

Note: Approved abstracts may be presented in Portuguese, in English or Spanish. Oral sessions will not be translated

- Rules for preparation of Oral presentations

Participants will be given the opportunity to present their research in short oral presentations.
The duration of the presentations will takes 10 minutes.
The presentations can be held with a multimedia projection, the same can be with the PowerPoint software.
In case of an impossibility of the author to present the abstract, the co-author can present as long as this one be properly registered. 
Each session will involve presentations with the same subject.


Rules for the preparation and presentation of Digital Posters

Scientific papers in Digital Poster format will be presented in the 21st World Conference of Family and Community doctors. Computers will be located in the hallway.

Posters must contemplate a synthesis of the scientific paper, containing the following items: title, authors, institution, introduction, objectives, methods, results and conclusions. They may be in Portuguese, English or Spanish. There will be no live poster presentation by authors. Posters will be available for appreciation throughout the congress.
The digital poster file must be created in PowerPoint. The paper should have only one slide.

How to format the file in PowerPoint:
Page Setting: design – Page setting – slide sized for presentation – customized screen 19.58cm height x 26.99 cm width – landscape orientation.
To save: save as –other formats – “PNG” format

Next is a suggestion of text distribution, necessarily in a single slide:

How to send the file:

  • Log in to your restricted area with your registered  login and password. Next, open the menu “My papers” and click under the title in the link “insert presentation”. The file must contain no more than 1MB
The author in charge of poster submission must send the digital poster  file for presentation by October 21, 2016 




If you find any difficulty, please contact us through the e-mail or press Contact Us.

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